Sunday, January 11, 2009

Free Day

Today was a free day with nothing scheduled. So, the students mostly hung out by the pool or the beach, so there's really not much new to tell you about. The last of the shark watch groups went out this morning. Each of the students has already done this, except for a few who went out with Ajarn Roy and me at 6:15 a.m. Snorkeling with black-tip reef sharks sounds scary, but it really isn't at all. These sharks are very timid and it's difficult to find and see them, although everyone did see some. We took a long-tailed boat out to a point of the island and snorkeled in 4-6 ft deep water. A couple photos of our group on the way out to see the sharks (1) L-R, me, Craig, Ryan; (2) Megan, Meridith, Kasey, and Ajarn Roy getting in his wet suit. (3) one of the favorite delicacies is a sweet crepe-like desert called roti. In the third photo, I found Emily, Meredith, Kim, and Andrea each ordering a roti. Look at the anticipation on their faces. Every year, this turns out to be a quest... to find roti wherever they go.

Tomorrow morning we start at 7:15 for two days of restoring a coral reef.

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